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They don't want you to breathe or touch it. JK, its a day at the  beach!
The msds can be found at
(http://www.paintdocs.com/webmsds/webPDF.jsp?SITEID=DBS&UPC=724504070276)  or  telephone 1.800.832.2541.
The wicked propellants/solvents (Propane [Go Hank Hill!], Butane,  Toluene,
Acetone) probably mean that you can't buy it California. The toluene  and
acetone are meant to keep the buffer anhydrous or dry.
The solution uses amorphous (this just means non- or very weakly
crystalline) silica as that buffer. This will precipitate out as an ultra  fine sand and
can potentially act as an irritant and abrasive.
Since sand/silica is about as common as, well, DIRT then we can  understand
why the product is so cheap.
I also seem to remember that silica's pH is highly sensitive  to moisture and
rises rapidly with wetting which would make for  interesting questions as to
application and environmental controls.

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