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Re: [BKARTS] Preserving newspaper

   Although you are entirely correct about the old formulation of Wei
T'o, the new versions which are available now are virtually clog free.
As of recently we have actually received more cans of clogged
Bookkeeperes back than that of Wei T'o, though both of these numbers are
very small.  The issue of solvents is surely valid, but as it was noted
previously that neither product can be considered extremely safe to
use.  This is not to say I endorse one product over another, but feel it
necessary to speak on behalf of Dick Smith the owner of Wei T'o who is
struggling to make a living these days as he is getting surpassed by
larger companies entering the deacidification market.  As of about six
months ago Dick appointed us his sole US distributor so he could focus
more on production and the integrity of his business, as he is going
through some tough times right now.  For those that have had the
problems of clogged cans in the past but liked the product, give it a
shot again, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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