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[BKARTS] Follow-up to previous message

My computer is in the shop and I'm having trouble
dealing with e-mail on Steve's computer. Appartently
asking for spell check automatically sends the
message, ready or not!  So I'm sorry for the earlier
false starts. Here is the full message I indended, but
I can't guarantee that it will be spelling correct.

No long ago Joe Freedman was soliciting diecutting
information on this list.  I've just assembled the
finished project and anyone with an interest in how
flat paper can creat three-dimensional objects is in
for a delicious treat.

The result is Emily's Dollhouse designed by collage,
fabric, book, and paper designer Illisha Elfman. The
doll house arrives flat but can quickly be pulled into
shape to form a half-scale paper mansion (11" x
11-3/4" x 7"). Laser die-cut sheets provide 16 pieces
of furniture. The pieces punch out and assemble
without the use of tape or glue. The modeling details
are intricate down to the grills inside the stove and
the burners on top.  Helfman's extensive fabric
background has resulted in the lavish textures and
patterns on the walls, floors and covering the

Three accessory sheets provide 20 additional pieces
for a formal garden (with vine-covered trellis),
sewing room (with detailed sewing machine), and parlor
(with an impressively grand piano).

The project is not for childen under 5 years old. I
think small hands would have difficulty assembling the
carefully crafted parts, but this is a great
adult/child project. Any parent, grandparent,
aunt/uncle, older sibling, mentor, or family friend
would have a terrific time with a young person
building this wonder-filled house.  Or, like me,
anyone would have a good time doing it all by

The basic set of the unfolding dollhouse and 16 pieces
of furniture sells for $39.  You can add the three
additional accessories sets for a special price of

Purchasing information, photos, descriptions, and a
short movie can be found at www.hestiahouse.com

Don't forget that Christmas is just around the

Ed (Hutchins)

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