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Re: [BKARTS] Gold Finishing for labels

Peter, Greg and Frank have all made excellent suggestions for the
labels.   I use the ShaerFix to pare my odd scraps for labels.   As the
others have suggested, I paste it on to thin japanese tissue (I hadn't
thought of using the tissue from the books of gold leaf - must try that!)

The only difference that has been suggested here at the recent 'L-4-
Leather' weekend course in Gloucester (see Hewit's Skin Deep) was to
put two coats of thin paste on the front surface as well.   Then place the
leather, skin side down on a piece of "Perspex" (methyl methacrylate),
or similar highly polished plastic. (I tried it on polished stainless steel
pressing plates, but in fact close inspection shows they are not so
highly polished and smooth  as the perspex, so it does not work as
well)   Ensure all air has been squeezed out with the fingers or a small
roller.  Press hard in a nipping press for five or ten seconds and
remove, let dry overnight.  If the plastic is only about 1/16" thick then
as the leather dries it tends to pulls away from the plastic which bends
slightly and easily peels off.  I actually use a 1/4" sheet and obviously
the sheet does not bend!  I carefully remove the leather and usually I
have an extremely high polish on the leather.  It gives me an excellent
surface, particularly on rough and heavy grained skins to put fine
lettering on without "filling in" on the loops - it worked very nicely for
some old English lettering which is quite difficult to keep clear and
readable.   This can then be glaired and labelled prior to fixing on the
spine as already described without a preliminary paste wash.

Rodney Fry

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