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Re: [BKARTS] Studio Heating

Others on this list may be interested in Rodney's astute off-list question
(slightly edited for the list):

Dear Richard,

As an engineer I was a little surprised to read your account
of the unvented heater you use in an enclosed space.   Over
here in the UK this has been forbidden in the building
regulations which require permanent ventilation because of
fatalities that have occurred  with no ventilation.  Is your
air-conditioner open at all times?

Rodney Fry

Dear Rodney,

Good question. The air conditioner does leak a little air, but that's not
how the issue is dealt with.  The new unvented heaters have oxygen
depletion sensors that shut off the unit, and depending on where you are
and what models are available (building codes vary by state and locality)
they also have carbon monoxide sensors.


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