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Re: [BKARTS] gluing and cutting old books

When I am gluing and cutting into old books, I find it best to clamp 2 of
the sides together and run a thin layer of PVA glue along all 3 edges. Move
the clamps as necessary. Also it is better to build up several thin layers
of PVA glue then to use a ton of glue all at once.
I've used x-acto knives or box cutters to cut into the book. It's good to
make your inital marks first using a pencil and cork backed metal ruler. I
always leave an inch border all the way around the area that I am cutting
just to be on the safe side. Make your first cut with the cutting tool, and
then proceed to make 'deeper' cuts each time.
I've taught several classes on making 'assemblages' in old books and hope
this helps!



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