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Re: [BKARTS] Query: fighting insects in original book plates

Have you considered polyester film encapsulation with a sheet a of
buffered paper behind the backed plate?
Bill Minter

On Nov 25, 2004, at 4:42 AM, Astrid Wendelstigh wrote:

Can anyone suggest a way to eliminate various types of insects
including some that shed skins? They populate about 50 original book
plates, each ca 22 x 45cm or 9 x 18 inches that were stored
incorrectly. The individual book plates pretty much cover the colour
spectrum, and the materials used for making these plates for a cookery
book range from dried food items, such as citrus fruits, flower
petals, tortillas, pulses, herbs and spices to various mostly woven
natural fabrics. Many plates involve beads and glittery materials.
Text was ink jet printed on paper or hand written with felt tips on
coarse weave paper. All plates are backed with grey card, some of
which show bore holes and other signs of insect life. There are no
signs of mould or similar, and there is no excessive moisture.
We would be grateful for any advice to get rid of these bugs whilst
limiting damage to the plates. Could perhaps anyone also share their
ideas for storing these plates?


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