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[BKARTS] Emily's Dollhouse

Thanks Ed for telling us about 
Emily's Dollhouse 
with pre-cut, easy tab furniture!
by Ilisha Helfman 


It’s the perfect gift for "little girls."

My very own pop-up Deluxe Dollhouse arrived on Saturday and it's exquisite! 
The myriad historical patterns and colors, the delicate laser cutting and the 
packaging--all done in Connecticut.

Ilisha Helfman, the artist, created and produced these pop-up dollhouses and 
accessories herself in Connecticut. She also makes the most amazing miniature 
buttons on little cards, perfectly suited for a dollhouse, framing or simply 

Last year my dollhouse went to a children’s hospital. This one is better 
suited to apartment living, as it can be folded up and put away--
including the garden and the piano. 

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