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[BKARTS] Inkjet substrate

An excellent alternative to Tyvek is 'PolyArt', a
polyethylene "paper" that is building in popularity in
the United States. It feels like a limp cardstock (for
lack of a better descriptor), without a grain
direction to speak of and comes in a variety of sizes,
including banner. the manufacturer's website is;

IJ Technologies in St. Louis, MO

call & they'll send you a free sample (you pay for
shipping of it).
Concerning the spray fixative for the children's book;
My one year old LOVES to   put everything in his
mouth, so I would be cautious with the application of
the fixative, making sure it doesn't flake off when

C. Joel Beaman

Date:    Mon, 29 Nov 2004 10:01:27 -0800
From:    Charles Schermerhorn
Subject: Re: Inkjet question

The easiest and cheapest solution is a spray fixatif.
Any good art store will have it.  I use Krylon sprays
- come in either
"workable" or "clear", both fully transparent.  It
does involve a
solvent, so adequate ventilation is advisable, but
spraying across the
page and up and down gives the print protection
against print
from water drops or whatever.

Charles Schermerhorn
The New Leaf Bookbindery
Lompoc, CA

R Sokolnicki wrote:

>I have a project that will only be economically
possible using an
inkjet =
>The obvious concern is water resistance. I can't find
enough really =
>current technical discussion on the Web.
>Are there alternatives to the Epson printers and
pigmented inks? (HP =
>only seems to have a black pigmented ink.)
>Also...any quality experiences would be helpful.
>...Richard Sokolnicki

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