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[BKARTS] concerns about child's binding

Dear List,

Since I am the one who mentioned inkjet on printing for a child's book, let
me assure you that I wouldn't make a book for a young child who put
everything in her (or his) mouth with spray fixative or probably even inkjet
inks (who knows what all the ingredients are!).  I had several suggestions
(on list and off) to laminate and/or encapsulate pages for very young

I am making a book for a 3 year old who doesn't put things in her mouth
anymore (except her thumb and her pacifier).  I was thinking of tyvek for
its durability of opening and closing (especially along the folds) and not
being able to be ripped.

It is very important for people to keep in mind what materials they are
using and what the intended (or unintended, such as young children around
the house) audiences are.

I appreciate all the warnings, concerns, and helpful suggestions everyone
has given me.  I think at this point I am going to step back, do some
experimenting with printing on tyvek, and in the meantime make a good old
paper board book for my daughter... and if it doesn't last, I'll just have
to rebind it for a future birthday present. ;-)



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