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[BKARTS] queries re: circulating collection repairs

Again, not book art, but low-level book repair questions from an amateur:

I'm working on high-circulation elementary school kids' books. The
bottom edges of the boards and the corners get majorly mashed up.
We're gluing up the corners and the edges, but should we bother
recovering the glued bits of exposed board with paper (or cloth)
corners? How about the bottom edges? The librarian has ordered some
corner and head and tail protectors from a library supply place: do
ya think these are worth the money?

Is there a way to prevent (or somewhat delay) the failure of the
lightweight thread that picture books are sewn with nowadays? Would a
bit of PVA on the exposed threads help? I'm waiting to resew until
gatherings come out.

Is there anything that I should use to coat a paper repair at the
head or tail (another place where these books get chewed up) to make
it a little sturdier? PVA? Gelatin?

I caught one of the librarians using lighter fluid on the
coated-paper cover of a book today -- to get dirty old adhesive
residue off of it. She insisted it was all right. I thought it was a
Bad Idea. (I would have just left it on.) Opinions?

I've had to set my e-mail lists to "no mail" (but I occasionally read
stuff on the archive), so if you've got any answers to my queries,
please reply to me directly (or cc: me).

Many thanks for any advice.

---Amy West

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