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[BKARTS] The Center for Book Arts

Recently several people who are recent to the field have asked why we are
named The Center for Book Arts, without a place name attached to it. A few
others have called us The New York Center for Book Arts, which we are not.

I am on the Board of The New York Center for the Book, which is an entirely
different organization. It began in 2002 under the direction of Deirdre
Stam, and is one of 46 affiliates of the Library of Congress Center for the
Book, which was established by John Cole in 1977:
and you can find out all about The New York Center for the Book at

In 1974 there was no need to distinguish The Center for Book Arts from the
other not yet existent places. Later organizations built on the CBA model
incorporated regional or institutional identifiers in their names.

A short essay on the history of the institutional development of the book
art movement is at:

If you would like to help the Center for Book Arts continue its mission of
advancing the art of the book, please click on:


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