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[BKARTS] Pseudo raised bands....

Hello folks and enlightend binders.

I have the following dilema and thought to seek some ideas/advice
about the following circumstances. I have to rebind an edition
uniformly. The books are of various sizes and binding styles.
The problem is that the book in the best condition has raised
bands while the others are all sewn on tapes. I can't resew this
one because of size considerations. It's too small. Is there anything
to be said against using pseudo-raised bands on a book sewn on tapes?
Meaning adhering the leather directly to the back of the books
over false bands like one would on an oxford hollow just without
the hollow/tubespine.

I should also mention that are price considerations as usual and
I could not rebind sewing on raised bands, too time consuming.

What do you all think?
Thanks in advance for your considerations,
Christopher Brown,
Potsdam, Germany.

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