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[BKARTS] MCRichards and personal integrity

>>>On Tue, 16 Nov 2004  DanceMarathon1@xxxxxxx wrote
>>>Subject: M.C. Richards
>>>Marjorie, Thanks for your letter about M. C.   Richards. It brought
back a memory of this past summer.
>>>While at Haystack on Deer Isle, Maine, there was a showing of a
documentary about M. C.  Richards >>>being shown in town.

I was able to see this film in its entirety earlier this year in the
comfort of our local Library. I'm going to assume the unfortunate (and
hilarious) venue you describe must have been the recently revived
Stonington Opera House. Our reactions to the film were quite different
though - I was in tears for most of the last part, and not from
frustration or boredom.  She was so deeply thoughtful, and such a
powerful and charismatic figure, that in spite of the dreadful editing
job the film-makers did, she still managed to shine through.  I think
you might have found it more moving if you had been able to see it as a
seamless whole. However, there were MANY MANY  flaws with the film,
just not with MC herself!  Her book "Centering" is a seminal work.
(obviously I am a passionate fan of MC)

And on a similar thread, but with book-making in mind and the holistic
approach to the making of any art form, there is a super book called "A
Degree of Mastery: A Journey through Book Arts Apprenticeship" by Annie
Wilcox (isbn 0898231884). This book will inspire anyone who reads it to
improve their craftsmanship, to raise their standards and to respect
their tools!

BTW, were you at Haystack for the Hedi Kyle workshop?  how was it?
All best, Henrietta in Blue Hill, Maine

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