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[BKARTS] Graceful Envelope Contest

Thanks, Peter, 
Those envelopes added a lovely ending to my day.

S T I L L * D A N C I N G
        A L I C E
A L I C E * S I M P S O N

> From:    "Peter D. Verheyen" <verheyen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Graceful Envelope Contest -  Call for Entries
> Calligraphers and artists from around the world are invited to participate
> in the 11th annual Graceful Envelope Contest, conducted by the Washington
> (DC) Calligraphers Guild under the sponsorship of the National Association
> of Letter Carriers. The contest is open to all ages, with two separate
> categories for children.
> This year's theme is ANYTHING BEGINNING WITH P. "P" is for post office,
> penguins, peaches and so much more... so give P's a chance as you design an
> artistic envelope around anything that begins with the letter "P."  The
> deadline for entries is Monday, April 18, 2005. There is no entry fee.
> Entrants are encouraged to incorporate the theme in a creative and artistic
> way while using hand-executed calligraphy or fine lettering to address the
> envelope. Inventive relationships between the postage stamp(s) used and the
> envelope design are also encouraged.
> Complete details are at
> <http://calligraphersguild.org/envelope.html>
> http://calligraphersguild.org/envelope.html.

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