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Re: [BKARTS] Casing/binding

On Sat, 4 Dec 2004, James Tapley wrote:

I'm sorry but "case binding" is a contradiction in terms.
A case is not a binding, it is a type of cover. For examples: a book  in a
case covering is not bound, it is cased. The act of putting a book in a  case
cover is not binding it is casing or casing in. Machines which do the job  are
casing in machines, not binding machines.

The fact that many people choose to call casing, in all but economic terms
an inferior method of covering a book, "binding" only demonstrates the
corruption of both craft and understanding. Of course I realize that
this use of  the term "binding" is only meant to mean any method of
holding the pages  within a cover. That's a loss.

What set of book structures would you consider bindings? When was the usage you prefer current? And what term would you use to distinguish loose sheets from a structure in which the the leaves are attached to one another and a cover?

Seeking understanding,


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