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[BKARTS] Casing/binding query (fwd)

Hi Rachel ... like Charles I recognize the wide use of the term  binding to
mean almost any means of assembling the leaves of a book and the  covering put
upon them. That certainly has it uses as a means of shorthand,  especially
with the wider public who for the most part neither know nor care (at  least
until the work fails) just how their books were put together.
For myself I tend to speak in terms of structural specifics, a sewn (and  how
sewn) versus a glued bookblock, not sewn versus glued  binding.
Part of this is simply the difference between act and object;  "binding" is
used to describe both irrespective of technique or  end result.
Do I have a really serious problem with "case bound"? No. But what one sees
most often is not that term but rather "bound" when in fact the volume was
cased. Just as one most often sees "raised bands" no matter what lies under the
covering material. Only words perhaps but Bruce's "that hard covered thing
over  there" could be a refrigerator.
The differences between a bound bookblock and a cased bookblock are so  great
and so important that it seems a loss to not distinguish the two. And when  I
am discussing "binding" it is in fact these details which most interest me.
The people with whom I speak habitually distinguish between a "casing" and  a
"binding" or at least learn to in the case of clients.
I am sorry that I missed the point of your loose sheets question. If I were
to sew them I would call it a sewn bookblock. I would then be specific about
all  of my forwarding methods and materials. And I would most certainly
distinguish between casing and binding in the cover.
Best to you, James

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