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Re: [BKARTS] hot stamping

Yes, you can use them, although they will wear out much faster than brass.
Alot of the wear will come from the amount of pressure used and the
material being stamped into. There is a relationship between them. What I
tell my students is to apply the same amount of pressure you would for a
first kiss, and increase as needed from there.

A few tips from my experience:
Leather requires the least amount of pressure
A course cloth (natural finish...) the most
Paper is somewhere in between
The smaller the point size / area the less the pressure
Always have a something to stamp in to underneath - This is especially
important when making labels or stamping into thin materials. If you stamp
into the hard metal/plastic surface you will be more likely to wear out
your type faster.

I'm sure there are many more suggestions, but these are what spring to mind.


At 08:49 AM 12/5/2004, you wrote:
    This is a question to the group about hot stamping.  Almost every
set of fonts I have purchased--- mainly on EBAY---  do a great job of
hot stamping.  I purchased a set of 14 pt Roman type, however, that
deform when stamping, even though I maintain a stamping temperature of
270 degress or less.
    Are all types suitable for hot stamping?  If not, does anyone know
the reason?


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