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[BKARTS] teaching grade 4 kids


I recently completed a bookbinding class in my daughters grade 4
class. I searched the archives first for tips and found nothing that
really helped, so this is for the archives.

We did a cased book, single section signature pamplet stitch and using
long fibred paper instead of a cloth mull. Folded down 14"x8.5" paper
to 7"x4.25". "Cut" folded edges with a butter knife. I precut the
bookboard, rough cut the covering paper (used wallpaper). I precut
handmade paper for them to paste on the pastedown to cover their sins.

Things kids learned:
- names of the parts of a book
- measuring to the 1/2 inch
- an appreciation for bookbinding
- how to glue
- threading a needle
- how to fold paper
- how to "cut" paper
- how to dry out a book

Things I learned
- I wouldn't do this binding for grade 4 again.
- It takes a minimum of 4 hours. (2 days - 2 hours each)
- use thick thread and large needle heads for this age group
- have them cut with scissors for this age group
- have more pages, fold down at least 4 sheets (we did 3)
- for 18 students you will be quite busy

For this age group this book was a little beyond. In retrospect I
should have gone for a simple nonadhesive binding. Between classes I
realized that I would have to do the casing in after seeing them paste
the bookboard and wallpaper. I also determined that they should cover
their pastedowns with nice handmade paper - so prep'd that for day 2.
I had thought that 1 day 2 hours would do it, but I was half right -
luckily the teacher was very flexible and supportive. If I were to run
this class again - I'd do it over a few days. And not with any grade
under 4. Also realizing that *you* will have to do the pasting.

There are now 18 kids who have their own book, and extremely proud of
making it and think that I am in love with their teacher. Ah, grade 4.

best wishes,

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