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Re: [BKARTS] Casing/binding query (fwd)

Thanks, Peter, for your clarification; it almost answers the question to a
problem I'm having at this very moment.

I am rebinding a fairly large, 14.5 x 11 x 1.5, 19th century (1851) book
that came to me for restoration minus spine, cover, and final signature,
originally sewn on recessed cords and covered in 1/2 leather (leather spine
& corners, cloth sides.)

After much searching on the internet, I found the missing signature at the
Library of Congress, which microfilmed it and mailed it to me. I then had
the film printed at a nearby college library and had it printed on matching
paper at a local printshop.. I have re-sewn the text block in the original
manner, have rounded and backed the text block, and will lace-in the cords.
I decided to use a heavy library buckram (Sunbeam) full cloth covering,
instead of leather and cloth, and  have prepared a hollow back.

My question is: Can I use the cloth in the same way I would use leather in
covering the book, without the groove at the hinge? Or, because the cloth
will not stretch like leather, do I need the groove?  It makes a difference
in the width of the boards. Or should I paste on tapes, lace them in and
make the groove?

Neither here nor there but interesting, this rare book, "Surgical Anatomy"
by Joseph Maclise, containing hand drawn and colored illustrations of the
body, is owned by the surgeon who lives across the street and who removed my
gall bladder last week. If you ever have to have that particular operation,
let me recommend the Laproscopic technique: In in the morning, out in the
afternoon, back at work the next day, barring complications.

I love this List,


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