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Re: [BKARTS] Decorated Bookcloth

Thank you for responding to my inquiring about decorated bookcloth. Does
anyone have a recommended brand of fusible webbing to use? I have tried to
make my own bookcloth before, and it always seems, well, less than
professional. I think I must be using the wrong brand. Do you just put the
fusible backing on and adhere the bookcloth directly to your boards? Does
the glue not show through on the finished product? Is there a way of
putting a tissue paper backing on fabric with it still remaining smooth?
Well, there must be, obviously, but how can I do it myself? Also, J.J.,
your brocade covers sound beautiful, which leads me to ask about putting
fusible webbing on brocade- does the heat not ruin the brocade? Sorry about
all of the questions, I just really want to get this right.

While I haven't had a ton of experience using 'regular' fabric as bookcloth
. . . I have had years of working with fabric and fusible web.

For fusible web . . . in addition to Wonder Under, there is stitch witchery
(which has no backing paper) and steam a seam 2 which is repositionable.
There is also bonash powder which is a heat activated fusible powder.

Success with using fabric and glue has a lot to do with the density of the
weave and the weight of the fabric.  The denser the weave the easier it is
to glue the fabric directly to board without mishap.  I have also found that
when using a fabric with a lot of drape, it helps considerably to iron the
fabric and apply a light coating of spray starch to give the cloth some body
and stiffness.

With a looser weave, I would fuse to a fusible interfacing, which comes in a
variety of weights, before gluing.  Or fuse to a rice paper.

I have tried fusing fabric directly to board, but have found that the heat
of the iron can be problematical . . .


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