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Re: [BKARTS] Leather measured in oz?


Today, the ounce measuring system is predominantly used in the US but even
there less so now than a few years ago.  A conversion table is provided

0.5 ounce = 0.2mm
1.0 ounce = 0.4mm
1.5 ounce = 0.6mm
2.0 ounce = 0.8mm
2.5 ounce = 1.0mm
3.0 ounce = 1.2mm

In deciding the substance of leather for a given binding, the size,
structure and design of the book and its binding need to be considered.
Structurally a thicker rather than lighter skin may be desired, but
ascetically a thinner skin will look better.  So sometimes a compromise will
need to be reached between strength and aesthetics.

As manufacturers of leather for bookbinding we believe that there are
optimum substances that different leathers should be produced to.  For
example, we manufacture the following skins to these substances:

Natural (milk) calf skins 0.6mm - 0.7mm
East Indian Calf (older animal) - 0.7 - 0.8mm
Sheepskin Skiver (for labels) - 0.3 - 0.4mm
Naturally grained  Goatskins (such as Chieftain) - 1.00mm
Artificial Grained Goat and Calf - 0.6-0.8mm

The above figures should be used as a reference only, since there are
instances, where the skins need to be produced to a greater (or lesser)
substance.  For example, the covering of a large and heavy book in calf, may
need to use a skin with a 1.0mm substance.

So with respect to your message regarding a 2 ounce (0.8mm) pink leather (,
tanning method and finishing issues aside), I should thing that this
thickness would be ideal for many bookbinding applications.



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With reference to the pink leather discussed last month, I see that
thickness is measured in ounces. It was implied that two ounces was thick.
Could someone let me know how the measurement system works? I think here
Australia we simple refer to the thickness in millimeters, but it would be
handy to understand other systems in case of ordering from overseas.

Thanks to all you clever people out there.

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