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Re: [BKARTS] Decorated Bookcloth

I too have more experience with fabric and fusible as a quilter and only
four years of bookmaking but I've discovered that...

When a looser weave fabric with high cotton content is the only thing I can
find for a project, I've often found that washing the fabric in hot
water/hot dryer will shrink the fabric just enough to tighten the weave.
Then iron well and use spray starch as Maxine suggested before applying a
fusible web.

Also found that washing off the manufacturer's fabric finish helps the
fusible adhere.  And I use regular old fashioned starch in a jug which I
dilute with distilled water rather than the spray starch products in aerosol
cans.  Experience has proven to me that the "special fabric finishes" in
those products keep the fusible glues from sticking the same as the
manufacturer's finishes.


While I haven't had a ton of experience using 'regular' fabric as bookcloth . . . I have had years of working with fabric and fusible web.

For fusible web . . . in addition to Wonder Under, there is stitch witchery
(which has no backing paper) and steam a seam 2 which is repositionable.
There is also bonash powder which is a heat activated fusible powder.

Success with using fabric and glue has a lot to do with the density of the
weave and the weight of the fabric.  The denser the weave the easier it is
to glue the fabric directly to board without mishap.  I have also found that
when using a fabric with a lot of drape, it helps considerably to iron the
fabric and apply a light coating of spray starch to give the cloth some body
and stiffness.

With a looser weave, I would fuse to a fusible interfacing, which comes in a
variety of weights, before gluing.  Or fuse to a rice paper.

I have tried fusing fabric directly to board, but have found that the heat
of the iron can be problematical . . .


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