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Oak Knoll offers an expansive selection of books about Children?s Books
which includes over 450 new and antiquarian titles. We have just updated our
website with a new section that features these books which is easy to browse
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The following is a list of some of the titles we have recently published on
Children?s Books, many of which have already proven to be important
resources in the field. See below for more detailed information on each
title as well as a link to its book detail page on our website:


- NEW! Howard Pyle: His Life -- His Work

- NEW! The Dartons: An Annotated Checklist of Children's Books, Games and
Educational Aids

- Tasha Tudor: The Direction of Her Dreams

- Lewis Carroll and the Press

- Children's Books in England, Five Centuries of Social Life

- The Night Before Christmas, A Descriptive Bibliography




By Paul Preston Davis

At the dawn of the 20th century, Howard Pyle was America's most famous and
influential illustrator. Through the illustrated pages of Harper's,
Scribner's and Century magazines, the American public first became
acquainted with the illustrator that they would come to love.  Both by
example and through his teaching, Pyle molded and influenced generations of
young artists who have continued his unique vision of illustration far
beyond his own lifetime.

   Published 93 years after the death of Howard Pyle, this book celebrates
the enduring and far-reaching achievements of America's foremost
illustrator.  Illustrated with over 3300 images, this important research
tool represents the complete record of all known Howard Pyle illustrations,
hundreds of which have not been reproduced since their original publication
over 100 years ago.

   Paul Preston Davis, with exhaustive research and dogged perseverance, has
produced a much-needed resource for the study of Howard Pyle and American
illustration.  His work greatly expands upon the data originally collected
by Willard S. Morse and Gertrude Brinklé in 1921.  For the first time,
full-color images (approx. 1.25 x 2.25 inches) of each of Pyle's published
and unpublished works are provided in a single source.  Most importantly for
the researcher, Davis has indexed and re-indexed the information, creating a
tool that is as easy to use as it is valuable.  This remarkable and
comprehensive set of books embodies years of research and will be valued and
treasured by researchers, scholars, librarians, and collectors alike.
Co-published with The Delaware Art Museum. SALES RIGHTS: Worldwide.
Available in January 2005.

2004, hardcover, 9 x 12 inches, 906 pages

ISBN 1584561335  -  Order No. 075317  -  Price: $149.95

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By Lawrence Darton

First edition. In 1787 William Darton began engraving and printing
children's books. Over the next 60 years his firm printed over 1,000 books
for young people. In 1804, a separate firm of Darton was founded by
William's oldest son. They published over 1,600 children's titles. The work
contains the details and bibliography of both Darton firms and an index of
their artists and engravers. This work is a major reference source on
juvenilia and the early history of children's books. The author is the
great-great-great-grandson of William Darton. There are seventy
illustrations in this work. Co-published with The British Library. SALES
RIGHTS: Available in North & South America from Oak Knoll Books. Available
outside North & South America from The British Library. Available in January

2003, hardcover, 6.5 x 9 inches, 709 pages

ISBN 1584560770  -  Order No. 071827  -  Price: $98.00

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By Wm John and Priscilla T. Hare

First edition. This is the long-awaited, first, comprehensive
bio-bibliography of one of the most-loved children's book authors and
illustrators in America and around the world. Not only does this book
describe Tudor's sixty-year career, but readers will enjoy the poignant
stories about Tudor written by her two daughters, Bethany and Efner, and her
editors, Patricia Gauch and Dorothy Haas. The daughter of naval architect,
W. Starling Burgess, and portrait painter, Rosamond Tudor, Tasha Tudor, as a
child, was greatly influenced by her father's engineering background and her
mother's artistic life. She became particularly fascinated by life in the
1830's, which inspires her art, writing, and her own life. From 1938 onward,
Tudor's children's books captivated a wide audience. Her fans are still
intrigued by her magical stories and her romantic illustration of New
England's countryside, drawn from her own experiences of family life. Her
work is published in more than 90 books, which have been reprinted and
republished many times. Now in her eighties, Tudor remains active in
publishing, meeting her fans, and autographing her books. In loving tribute,
this work is illustrated with many drawings by Tudor's daughter, Bethany, as
well as rare early photos of Tudor as a young woman, by Nell Dorr, and 16
pages of color photos of Tudor's book covers. The bibliography includes
every known book illustrated and/or written by Tudor, including those
published in the first half of 1998. SALES RIGHTS: Worldwide.

1998, hardcover, 8.25 x 11 inches, 510 pages

ISBN 1884718590  -  Order No. 052919  -  Price: $85.00

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By Charles C. Lovett

This comprehensive new work not only provides bibliographical details
lacking from previous studies, it describes Dodgson's letters, articles,
games, mathematical problems, and stories in such a way that the scholar
without access to these rare items will gain an understanding of where
Dodgson stood on various subjects and the nature of his relationship with
the public via the press. 

   Previously unknown Dodgson items are brought to light in this listing,
and numerous early reprints are recorded for the first time. Dodgson's word
puzzles "Doublets" and "Syzgies," which were published on a continuing basis
in VANITY FAIR and THE LADY are fully described for the first time, and
dozens of previously unknown Doublets and Syzygies are reprinted. Lovett's
introductory essay discusses Dodgson's career as both a reader of
periodicals and a contributor to them, and quotes extensively from one of
the "lost" periodical contributions - Dodgson material which has not been
reprinted. Its wealth of new material and full and proper description of
what has so often been neglected in the past make LEWIS CARROLL & THE PRESS
an invaluable reference for librarians, scholars, students, professors,
collectors, and booksellers. Co-published with The British Library. SALES
RIGHTS: Worldwide except the UK; available in the UK from The British

1999, hardcover, 6.5 x 10 inches, 135 pages

ISBN 1884718876  -  Order No. 053904  -  Price: $35.00

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By F.J. Harvey Darton

Third edition. "Not a collection of queer facts or antiquarian scripts" said
Harvey Darton of his book when it was first published in 1932, but "a
chronicle of the English people in their capacity of parents, guardians and
educators of children." Certainly literature was his central theme, but
through it he wove biography and the facts of social and commercial history.
Now available again, this third (corrected) edition is at pains to provide a
text that will sustain Darton's reputation for a new generation of readers.
Brian Alderson has checked every detail in an effort to ensure that the work
is accurate by the standards of modern scholarship, and has added a number
of biographical notes. In a supplementary chapter he has filled out the
discussion of children's books during the late Victorian and Edwardian
periods which formed a natural end point to Darton's history, and more than
sixty illustrations expand upon the text. All these changes have been made
in an attempt to support the message of Darton's original work that,
"children's books were always the scene of a battle between instruction and
amusement, between restraint and freedom, between hesitant morality and
spontaneous happiness." Co-published with The British Library. SALES RIGHTS:
Available in North & South America from Oak Knoll Books. Available outside
North & South America from The British Library.

1999, hardcover, 6.5 x 10 inches, 416 pages

ISBN 1884718884  -  Order No. 053551  -  Price: $49.95

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By Nancy H. Marshall

First edition. This bibliography is the first comprehensive work ever
undertaken to document the publication history of the most famous work in
all Christmas literature. The Night Before Christmas poem was written 180
years ago, and it has never been out of print. With more than 1,000 entries
including 144 color illustrations of historic first editions, this book is a
collector's dream. Mrs. Marshall has spent a lifetime collecting and
organizing the works listed in this extraordinary bibliography.  Seven
detailed indexes, an historical essay describing the St. Nicholas legend,
Clement Moore, and the origin of the poem make this an essential reference
tool for collectors of Christmas memorabilia. SALES RIGHTS: Worldwide.

2002, hardcover, 8.25 x 11 inches, 324 pages with 24 separate pages of
plates in color

ISBN 1584560711  -  Order No. 069264  -  Price: $75.00

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