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Re: [BKARTS] Cord and thread weight

Thanks to those who responded to my question on thread and cord weight.
I was hoping for a specific weight that someone with more experience
would have chosen for the size book I mentioned.

> You didn't say what thread you used for your three volumes, and how they
> turned out.

Specificly, I used a new thread for these volumes that I hadn't used
before.  It is a lovely polished linen thread (unbleached) that is
crypticly marked "2 Twist, 8/4", yet is slightly lighter weight than the
18/3 thread I have.  For the three volumes I just bound (ranging from
560 to 592 pages, bound octavo), I found this produced a bit more swell
than I ideally would have liked, so I ended up using slightly thicker
boards than normal.  I sewed them onto 5 linen cords; I'm not sure what
the cord weight is, but it is about 1/8" diameter.  The books came out
fairly well (aside from my gold tooling, which still needs work).

I've been pretty much following Johnson directions from "The Thames and
Hudson Manual of Bookbinding".  He basically says not to use too thin a
cord, but doesn't recommend anything more specific.

- David

David Manthey
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