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[BKARTS] Fwd: Old books

A friend sent this to me, but I am SO not qualified to help with
anything to do with value. Does anyone know of an appraiser or
similar professional in the Southern California area (Heather lives
in Ventura) who might be able to help? Thanks, as ever, for the
fabulous assistance of this list! I learn something every day!


Meg Miller

A friend of ours used to be an antique dealer and does estate
appraisals.  He is currently working on the estate of a deceased
celebrity who collected historical objects.  He has a two volume set
of heraldry books that are dated 1790.  They have binding repairs
and I doubt that the leather is original.  The funny part is the
motto glossary for towns and gentry, we got a good laugh out of
several of them (English translation of one was something like
Christ's death is to me as death is to death).  What he needs some
info about these books like whether they are the original 1790
(nothing indicates otherwise except for their condition-minor
stippling, no page edge damage, only slight discoloration) potential
value, that sort of thing.  Or at least to be pointed to the correct
person for some assistance.

Thank ya kindly!!

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