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[BKARTS] Papers for laser printing

I make books of stories printed using a black-and-white or color laser
printer and stock of either about 25-pound or 80-pound. I have found a much
wider choice of papers compatible with inkjet printers, but I find that only
a laser printer renders type crisply - and only on very smooth (and so far
in my experience, not very interesting, i.e., textureless) papers.

Does anyone sources for either a choice of laser compatible papers, or an
equivalent to the InkAID (http://www.inkAID.com) product for inkjet printing
that was recently mentioned on this list?

Or has someone found some combination of inkjet printer/paper/coating that
produces type as crisp as in laser output?

Thanks to all who contribute answers to this amazing list.

Cathy de Heer
Oakland, Calif.

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