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Re: [BKARTS] John DePol's passing

At 11:47 AM 12/15/2004, you wrote:
I am quite saddened to hear this; I have only recently come to be familiar
with John DePol's work, but I have an interesting story to tell.

Last week the Arts of the Book Collection at Yale received a call from John
DePol. I did not take the call but was there as my coworker spoke with him.
He was in very good spirits and seemed very eager to talk. Apparently he
had recently learned or been told about his presence on the web (a Google
search for "Jon DePol" turns up 2,960 hits) and wanted to share that fact
with us, collectors of much of his work. My coworker had the pleasure of
speaking with him for 5 or 10 minutes.

I wanted to share with the list the fact that not only did he seem to be in
good spirits but was still very sharp and together. He seemed proud and
gratified for the interest taken in his work. I hope his passing was easy;
may we all hold ourselves together so well.


Jonathan Lill

I wonder how many other librarians have had this experience, a John DePol phone call. I first contacted him about four years ago to ask if it would be all right if I scanned some of the printers' devices he did and put them online. He was very enthusiastic and suggested I look for other websites with his material. He was quite proud of them. I continued to speak and write to him over the next few years and he twice surprised me with packages. I was delighted to finally meet him at the APHA conference this fall. Our manuscript curator just finished processing what I had stashed in my office and put a descriptive guide online. I sent him a copy of the guide on Nov. 30 and let him know it was online, so I know that he saw it. Perhaps that is what triggered the call to Yale.



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