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Re: [BKARTS] Laser Cut Woodblocks and Engravings

Does anyone have a source for having woodcuts made using a laser
process? Pleas reply off list. Thanks, Norman Sasowsky

The answer is yes and no.. I've been playing with doing this on our lasers. There is no technical difficulty just a question of artistic intent. Basically the laser will cut through 1/4 inch thick wood. It can work in either raster mode where it sweeps across the object or in vector mode where it would cut a 'keyline' that would be then handworked.

I've been playing with using photoshop to create multicolor blocks
using the 'filter>artistic>cutout'. It seems like it could work out
pretty well. Of course the same thing could be done using photopolymer
plates. The only difference with wood would be the texture of the
grain. I'm still not quite certain about how to use it so it isn't just
making an artificial woodcut but a genuine something. Hopefully I'll
have more time come the new year. Once I figure it out then I'd be open
to cutting other people's work as well.

Mostly we use the lasers for cutting paper constructions. You can see
some of our stuff at www.sarabande.com and www.hestiahouse.com.

I'd be interested if anyone has already been using the lasers for
creating woodcuts. I'd like to see what they were working towards



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