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Re: [BKARTS] Laser Cut Woodblocks and Engravings


There are a number of folks here and about that do this, either as artisans or commercially.
It is used quite a bit in the signage industry. There was some discussion about it a while
back on the PPLetterpress list.

There is a laser cutter at Art Center College of Design and I have taken the workshop
that they offer. The cutting edge is quite clean. My doorsign was cut by laser from a
computer file I furnished. It is not a cheap process. There is an art store across the street
from Art Center that has a laser cutter as well. The machine itself is quite expensive.

Some very beautiful work can be produced three dimensionally as well. And for letterpress,
subtle sub-surface detail work is possible (similar to the kinds of work sometimes seen in
well produced nineteenth century wood engravings).

Several of the students enrolled in the letterpress courses at Art Center use the process
to produce cuts and large blocks of type. And even to edition die-cut paper.

I'd have thought that some of the institutions would have latched on to this as a means to
fill in existing fonts of wood type or to re-create historical fonts but that doesn't appear
to be happening.

Gerald Lange
The Bieler Press

Does anyone have a source for having woodcuts made using a laser cutting
process? Pleas reply off list. Thanks, Norman Sasowsky

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