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Re: [BKARTS] Laser Printer Paper and Glue

Does any one here have experience successfully gluing the edges of laser
printer paper (24 pound bond)?  I have printed a little book which I would
like to assemble in a long leporello structure (accordion style).

I made 2 blank models to test: one is folded in portrait (final size
5.5"x8.5"), the other is folded landscape (4.25" x 11") but they are both
buckling along the glued edges.

I used PVA along roughly 1/8 inch strip down the edge of the paper with the
edge of one sheet against the folded edge of the next sheet, alternating
sheets. I let it rest under weights (board and bricks) for 12 hours with
blotter paper between folds.  What am I doing wrong?

Too much glue?
Not resting long enough?
Too much/too little weight?

I really would like to use laser printer paper because of cost and ease of
printing (I do not have a paper cutter for other papers just yet).

Thanks in advance from a newcomer to both book-binding and this wonderful


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