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[BKARTS] New RBS courses

With one possible exception, the roster of courses offered by Rare Book
School in 2005 on our Web site is now complete;it's posted at


Of particular interest is a new course jointly offered by Paul Needham and
William Noel (one of four RBS 2005 courses to be offered in Baltimore,
jointly co-sponsored by the Walters Art Museum and the Peabody Library at
Johns Hopkins University):

H-25. 15th-Century Books in Print and Manuscript
<http://www.virginia.edu/oldbooks/faculty.shtml#Needham>Paul Needham &
<http://www.virginia.edu/oldbooks/faculty.shtml#Noel>William Noel
The use of a wide variety of evidence -- paper, parchment, type, script,
rubrication and illumination, bindings, ownership marks, and annotations --
can shed light both on questions of analytical bibliography and on wider
questions of book distribution, provenance, and use. There will be a fairly
detailed discussion and analysis of both good and bad features in existing
reference works on manuscripts and early printing.
This course is intended to serve as a general introduction to
bibliographical analysis. Its examples and methods are primarily derived
from c15 manuscripts and printed books at the Walters Art Museum, as this
is a period commonly overlooked or only summarily treated by the standard
guides. Note that this course is not a general historical introduction to
manuscripts or incunabula; the primary purpose of the course is to
encourage a way of bibliographical thinking that should prove useful in the
analysis of all books, early or modern.
   Students should have already taken Rare Book School's
to Descriptive Bibliography or its equivalent. Because many of the books
studied will be in Latin, some familiarity with the language will be an
advantage. In their personal statement, applicants should indicate the
extent of their proficiency with descriptive bibliography and with Latin.

Another new RBS 2005 course, on Indian Manuscript Illumination, will be
taught by Daniel Ehnbom:


A number of old friends make a reappearance in this year's list, including
Timothy Barrett's and John Bidwell's course on the history of papermaking,
Christopher Clarkson's course on medieval and early manuscript binding
structures; Johanna Drucker's course on artists' books; James Mosley's
course on type, lettering, and calligraphy to 1830; Richard Noble's
advanced descriptive bibliography course; and Michael Winship's course on
the American book in the industrial era.

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