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[BKARTS] Bookbinder's Hammer? Shoemaker's hammer?

The "bookbinder's hammer" is also used in in shoemaking. Which trade had the
hammer first in anyone's guess, but for at least a hundred years, the same
hammer has been used in both fields. My opinion is that it was a shoemaker's
hammer first, as there are more uses for the "claw" end of the hammer in
shoemaking than in bookbinding.
    Does anyone have access to Diderot's encyclopedia? That might help tell
if they were interchangable in the mid-1700s. Salaman's "Dictionary of
Leather-working Tools,
c.1700-1950 lists a "backing hammer" for bookbinding, and then shows that
same hammer as part of the shoe and bootmaker's kit.
Just trying to stir up a bit of controversy, that's all.

Bruce Graham

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