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[BKARTS] Library evacuated after pipe burst (FITCHBURG,MA, USA)

Library evacuated after pipe burst

By J.J. Huggins

FITCHBURG -- The Fitchburg Public Library was evacuated Tuesday afternoon
when a pipe burst and poured boiling hot water onto the boiler room floor.

The library was closed after firefighters responded to a call from an
employee who stated there was smoke coming from a heating vent, Fitchburg
Fire Captain Brian Belliveau said.

Belliveau said firefighters noticed an odor of "steam or humidity" when they
entered the building and realized there was no smoke or fire. He said the
firefighters went into the boiler room and discovered about four inches of
boiling water flowing into a sump pump. He said the thick steam from the hot
water made it difficult to see.

"You couldn't see your hand in front of your face," Belliveau said. He said
the firefighters could not locate the break in the pipe, so Sandra
Imprescia, the Acting Director of the library, called a boiler technician to
fix the problem and notified the mayor's office. The library remained closed
for the remainder of the day.

Imprescia said the library will re-open today for normal business hours. She
said the sump pump and the floor drains in the boiler room prevented the
water from causing significant damage.

"It ended up not being very serious," she said.

Belliveau said he did not know why the pipe broke.


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