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Re: [BKARTS] how to become a bookarts librarian


Even with your MLS and a second subject masters you will be lucky enough to find any
library job much less one that allows for your interest in the book arts.

I graduated from the master's program at Madison with the MLS. My intention was not
to get a job in the field but simply to use the resouces that were available. My interest
was in publishing and I took advantage of the program to increase my knowledge and build my
understanding of the field. Through the program I was directed to a course in fine printing
and bookmaking taught by Walter Hamady in the Art Department. That was epiphanal.

After graduating and a decade of slugging it out as a fine printer-publisher and trying to
establish myself, I was hired as a Master Printer to set up a fine press at the University
of Southern California. The Press was administratively part of the University Library and I
was classified as a Librarian. Don't know if the degree was a part of that but it certainly
didn't hurt.

I'm no longer at USC but I am still involved in the printing and typographic arts "as" the Press
that I started when in grad school. I was recently asked to give money to the graduate program
with the teaser, "You wouldn't have your career without us would you"? :-) And I'd have to admit,
no I wouldn't.

Follow your instincts, go with your heart, and keep your eyes and ears wide open, the
opportunity of a lifetime just might come along.

Gerald Lange
The Bieler Press

hi everyone - I'm a lurker on the list, always listening in but rarely
responding...but I finally have a question!

I am wondering about the career paths of those of you who are librarians, library conservators, and artist book/special collections curators. I have just recently realized that getting a graduate degree in library/info science may provide just what I am looking for - a degree with fairly decent employment outlook (versus my bachelor's in vocal performance) AND a job working with books, paper, information, and technology.

I am not sure yet just what kind of library work I'd want to do but since I already am a paper and book artist, I thought I'd see what it takes to work in that specialty.

I'm also looking for any resources you can point me toward about becoming a librarian, and about this area of specialization in particular. I live in Madison, WI right now and probably will apply to the grad school here, but am totally open to travelling for a good opportunity.

Please email me offlist if you have opinions, tips, suggestions, etc. on the subject!

Thanks -

Allison KM Bloom

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