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[BKARTS] Rotarim and Kutrimmer paper cutter - Pricing


some of you have asked for Rotatrim and kutrimmer pricing on  various models
so here is the current Jan 2005 price list (subject to possible  change later
in the year).

M12    $169 plus  shipping
M15    $199
M18    $223
M24    $259
M30    $325
M36    $374
M42    $439
M54    $495

Prices to kutrimmer book board cutters are as follows and may  change later
in 2005.

2035    $199 with free shipping
1038    $349 with free shipping
1071*   $599 with free shipping
(model 1071 is out of stock for another 8 weeks.  we are  taking pre-paid
orders at $599 fixed with free shipping)

thank you,

Pedram Fanian
SignetAndino co
_www.finegrafics.com_ (http://www.finegrafics.com)
tel 1-866-510-2098 xt 222

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