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Re: [BKARTS] wrinkled endpapers

Hi Carol! I think that you should let the pastedowns dry for a longer time
before you close the boards. Also you will find it useful to rub a bit of
mixed PVA/methyl cell adhesive into the open joint of the cover before laying  the
pastedown; this provides a more dependable adhesion at the joint.
Just how long to let the boards dry open is dependent on so many things,
including your studio environment, that it is not possible to quote a specific
time. If you hold the book at eye level and sight down the joint as you slowly
close the board you should be able to see if the paper across the joint is
lifting. If it is you place the book back in its drying position and firmly rub
 the joint through a protection sheet.
Lastly I find it preferable to close the bookblock on the board rather than
vice versa. Best, James

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