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Re: [BKARTS] Cotton gloves : an alternative.

I prefer the "very clean hands" approach, too.  However, it isn't always
practical.  One way to avoid the "half moon kink" in pages from people
wearing white gloves is to use a page turner, such as a micro-spatula or
clean index card, etc. to separate and turn the page.  This also has to be
done with care.

Dolly Blunt

Preservation Officer

Florida State Archives

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Instead she asked that all the students go into the restroom and wash their
hands well with soap and water. Anne explained that they had discovered that
many of their books were being damaged by visitors when they used cotton
gloves since it is so hard to feel and turn pages when wearing them. In many
cases, she said, pages were getting "half-moon" kinks from people trying to
separate the individual pages so that the next leaf could be turned.

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