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[BKARTS] wrinkled endpapers

Thanks for the help! I'll answer Peter's questions - (I get the digest, so it takes me a while to respond.)

This is a flat backed binding, no shoulder, no round, no groove. I did a hollow tube, the binding was recessed cords.   It is a "Ladies Pocket Magazine" from 1824. 5"x3 1/2" Half binding in calf and marbled sides. I left the original headbands, they were fine.  Only one original board was with the book, no spine.  This is an archival binding so I do it with wheat paste assuming this is the best reversability.  A very small book, I used repair calf so it is thin enough I think...

But I have the same problem with other "no french groove" leather bindings, so I think the problem is my technique.  Perhaps I need to site the boards further forward on this type of no shoulder binding?  What would help the most?  I think I will try James' suggestion of a little PVA at the joint before pasting down to see if I can get more adhesion, also I will wait longer, and "close the book block on the board"...any more ideas as far as the construction goes?

And why would Don lay the pastedowns closed?  It seems to me that they don't get up into the joint that way...I only do the pastedowns closed on a book with a backed shoulder that will press the paper in.

Carole Vanderhoof
Lonely Pine Bindery
Rifton NY

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