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[BKARTS] cotton gloves

You don't want knit cotton gloves, which are the ones that I've often
been stuck using when doing museum education work. Blah. You want
thinner ones. Either of the inspection gloves listed here would be
fine, though I'd favor the thinner ones myself. Also, over on
Museum-L the matter of the stability of the adhered vinyl dots for
grips has been discussed, and if I recall correctly they got a
thumbs-down from the object conservators: they can be damaging to
objects. You could search the archive to double-check.

---Amy West

Date:    Thu, 6 Jan 2005 10:14:29 -0500
From:    Suzan Lee <suzan@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Cotton Gloves
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Talas has 3 different types of cotton gloves. They are:

Cotton Inspection Gloves
Made from white, chloride free, bleached, 100% cotton jersey
material. Gloves fit either hand and have considerable give.
Available in Mens and Ladies sizes. Sold by the dozen.

Cotton Inspection Gloves - Heavy Weight
A superior quality glove made with heavier cotton fabric, and more
fitted for superior handling capabilities. Available in Small,
Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

Curator's Gloves
Comfortable white 100% cotton gloves with palm and finger contact
surfaces covered with permanently adhered vinyl dots to provide a
non-slip grip. Non-toxic and washable. Available in Small, Medium,
Large and Extra Large.

They also have them in ladies and men in all sizes.  Their website is
http://www.talasonline.net  i'd type in the word glove in the search

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