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Some announcements

            As of January 1, 2004 we will not be casting type anymore,
having sold our foundry. After 63 years of printing it seemed necessary to
give up something, and we want to keep printing books, but the casting was
taking more of my time than I could spare. The buyer wishes to remain
anonymous until January 17, but could be reached through me after those days
for a week or so.

            Secondly, we will be offering a cache of Monotype posters
printed in the long closed British Monotype Company's own shop in England on
this list.

            Thirdly, we have some very interesting ephemera made to sell our
type, and this will be similarly offered. It's more than ordinary; the Rare
Book collection of the New York Public Library requested a full set.

            We are looking for an illustrator to do what Wolfgang Lederer
did for so  many years for us. Qualifications include good knowledge of
letterpress as well as history, literature and philosophy. A tall order, but
these things are what makes good art and books.

Harold berliner, printer

PO Box 6, Nevada City, CA 95959

berliner@.nccn.net    berlinerpress.com

Telephone 530-477-9123 Pacific time (but not too early)

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