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[BKARTS] sodium borohydride, too!

    Does anyone on this list have experience with using sodium
borohydride?  The reference "Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books,"
(Library of Congress) states that it is one of the most effective agents
in combatting foxing in books.  The Rohm and Haas (the principal
manufacturer in the US) website touts its safety.  Yet, the MSDS sheet
on the substance sounds numerous alarms, viz, "Supports combustion.
Flammable solid. Can ignite in air from an open flame, continuing to
burn as hydrogen is evolved. It reacts with water or steam to produce
flammable hydrogen." And we're advised to use "GOGGLES & SHIELD; LAB
COAT & APRON; VENT HOOD; PROPER GLOVES."  Even empty containers are
suspect: "Do not pressurize.... or expose such containers to heat: they
may explode and cause injury or death."
    The Library of Congress reference states the material is stable in
alkaline solutions.
    Before I order any of this stuff,  I would like to know what I'm
getting into.
Thanks and best wishes,


J. J. Foncannon
Philadelphia, PA  19139

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