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Re: [BKARTS] Embroidered Book Covers

As I'm a book artist, not a fine binder, my methods are sometimes
unorthodox, but I have worked a lot with embroidered fabric in my work--so
here goes...

I would think it would be essential to back the fabric-so the glue doesn't
ooze out on to the surface. I usually use Kozo and PVA and let the glue dry
so it isn't 'shiny' then use an iron to heat set it.  When I am doing the
embroidery, I always back the fabric first, then embroider, then use it for
covers, etc. I don't use an embroidery hoop. I usually want the threads of
the embroidery to retain a quality of the fiber, without being smashed down.
When you heat set, if this is a quality you are looking for, then you will
have to be very careful ironing so not to smash the fibers down, and perhaps
a narrow tacking iron would be helpful. Although pressed threads can have a
finished, smooth look also-it depends what you want.

I use Kozo 547. It's 45 gms, 100 Kozo, and a good size sheet-24 x 35 and not
too expensive.

There are other ways of backing fabric-using wheat paste, and some people
use iron on interfacing, but I couldn't tell you about how long lasting or
archival that glue is. PVA has always worked for me, although the wheat
paste method may be more archival. I don't have as much experience with it,
and certainly not for this process.

Depending on the fabric, you should be able to trim the edges of the fabric
and they should not fray (heavier fabrics are more problematic in this). If
you want to recess the cover, you might try cutting a mat from something
like two ply museum board, and using a slightly thinner board for the base,
to make a 'sandwich' for the cover, and that would cover the edges as well.

I hope this is helpful

Miriam Schaer
199 Eighth Avenue, A3
Brooklyn, NY 11215
718-788-2029; 917-754-0691 cell

On 1/12/05 9:52 PM, "M Cirfi Walton" <pantheon.group@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Can anyone recommend any articles or books about incorporating embroidered
> panels within a book cover, please?  I have been asked to use an embroidered
> piece approx. 8² X 10² for the front cover. Does one back the piece, if so
> what would be best? How are the edges handled so they don¹t unravel, yet
> don¹t create more bulk if the client wants to insert it into a recessed
> panel?  
> Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Mercedes
> Pantheon.group@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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