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Re: [BKARTS] Embroidered book covers

"Can anyone recommend any articles or books about incorporating =
panels within a book cover, please?  I have been asked to use an =
piece approx. 8=94 X 10=94 for the front cover. Does one back the piece,
if so
what would be best? How are the edges handled so they don=92t unravel, =
don=92t create more bulk if the client wants to insert it into a =
panel? "

Assuming that this embroidery is worked on an opaque and relatively
sturdy fabric, I would lace the embroidery over a thin but strong piece
of matboard/boxboard. It should be possible to find a board that is
thinner than the board you plan to use for the cover, thus enabling you
to recess the embroidered panel. If the background fabric is larger (say
an inch or so on each side) than the intended finished size, the lacing
is relatively easy to do. If there isn't enough extra fabric then you
would need to add fabric to all four sides. When lacing make sure you
choose a sturdy thread so that you can get sufficient tension so the
embroidery lays flat without having the thread break. If you need
visuals, then Jane Lemon's 'Embroidered Boxes'(Batsford) would be a
useful reference. 

Sue W (in Wagga Wagga, Australia)

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