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Re: [BKARTS] The right glue

Margaret wrote about gluing a poster to her son's
plastic vertical blinds.  One thing that I noticed in
the message was her sig line:

margaret in alberta
freezing  at  minus 40F

To me, this tells me that the reason the paste failed
so quickly was condensation on the blinds due to the
warm air inside being bombarded by the VERY cold air
outside.  Although it would not be as reversible, a
non-water based adhesive would be best.  Have you
tried a spray mount?  Find one that is reversible in a
mild solvent like isopropyl (basic rubbing) alcohol.
This won't be affected by condensation but would be
able to be removed when he is ready to change the

Donia Conn

Original Message:
Good morning everyone

 I would like to ask a question about glue....
although this question
not about glue use for a book, but perhaps it could be
for an

This involves the plastic vertical blinds over my sons
patio doors.
He had this great idea of cutting a poster into 3 1/4
inch strips and
gluing to the vanes.
This we did yesterday......and I cooked up a batch of
wheat paste for
the job.
It looked  fabulous when done...
But it was a short-lived grand idea...
2 hrs. later, the paper was becoming undone and it
looked to me I
have slopped the glue onto the plastic instead of onto
the poster
strips. Son wanted to be able to "undo" this process
should he tire of
the idea or move.
So now I'm thinking, the paper stretched and shrunk in
the drying

Do you have any idea what would be a good glue for
this process, as I
prepared to re-do this idea the right way with the
right glue.
Methyl cellulose?

margaret in alberta
freezing  at  minus 40F

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