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[BKARTS] Bleaching follow-up question

Revisiting Rodney Fry?s post on Jan. 11., on the
subject of bleaching:

?The use of the calcium hypochlorite requires the weak
acetic acid treatment in any case.?
Rodney Fry

Why a second bath of acetic acid?
What is residual from the first bath of calcium
I thought calcium was used instead of sodium because
sodium WAS the bad residual agent.

In the conservation lab where I was taught, they never
did a second bath of acetic acid. (They never did a
second bath of anything, now that I think about it)
And they did hundreds and hundreds of paper documents
and prints.  Now I feel I was taught incorrectly.
The techniques I learned, I still use in my home
studio today.  I'm always looking to improve my
practices and equal up to ethical standards.
Thank you Rodney Fry.   I will be getting Dr. Hey?s

Daniel Winston

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