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Re: [BKARTS] Bleaching follow-up question .. Reply

The paper by Dr Margaret Hey is quite long and detailed with over 50
references to the literature.   I assume there are no other papers
refuting her analysis and recommendations?

The dilute acid wash is to destroy or remove any residual hypochlorite
from the paper medium.    Her recommended working procedure is the
that the  paper should be first washed and deacidified, bleached,
washed well, immersed in 5% acetic acid solution, washed well,
deacidified again by immersion in saturated calcium hydroxide solution
diluted 1:1 with water, then allow to dry.  She also states that running
water is not needed, the most efficient process is to replace the water
at frequent intervals.  I use good quality reagents from a chemical
supplier.  The acid was glacial acetic acid general purpose reagent with
residual iron, lead and arsenic less than 0.0001%.

I hope that clarifies the method.

As an aside my I dealt with a copy of Tournefort's Herbal, 1719, that
was in very poor condition (missing the both boards and all leaves prior
to p.5 - now replaced, it was stained and browned).   There are over
600 pages and it took me about 100 hours to complete the wet
processing and repairs - not sure I would want to do this again using
the bathroom, I was not exactly popular !  The rebinding in full calf took
an additional period.  This was in 1987 and the leaves still appear quite
normal and the text block has no discernible smell.

Rodney Fry
Mem. Soc. of Bookbinders

On 15 Jan 2005 at 0:00, Automatic digest processor wrote:

Daniel Winston asks the reasonable question
>  "...Why a second bath of acetic acid?
>  What is residual from the first bath of calcium
>  hypochlorite?...."

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