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Re: [BKARTS] Two-Volume Girdle Book

Melanie wrote:

>Would it be possible to sew the girdle book to the cloth or leather at the
endbands? That might solve some >stability issues as well...?

No, Melanie, this girdle book can't be sewn to the endbands. There are no
endbands. Take a close look at the photo:

One volume is paperback, and the other has a thin vinyl-like cover. What
you see at the head of the thicker volume is the ribbons for place marking.

More significantly, as it says in the text below the image, "The books are
removable, as each season requires a change of both volumes."

If the books were to be affixed to the girdle sleeve, it would not just be
at the endbands. In a "permanent" girdle book the volume is sewn on cords
with laced-in boards and the leather is pasted to the spine and covers as
with a normal binding. It could also be done as a case-binding. This does
not change the stability issue, as the question is about the book not
sitting on both tail edges on a level shelf, but constantly being subjected
to the motion of the friar as it hangs from the girdle (belt rope).


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