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[BKARTS] Artist's Book Auction

The Artist Book Exchange (ABX), a private cooperative of artists working in
the medium of the book, is offering a copy of "All on the Same Page" on
ebay, with all proceeds to go to the National Library and Documentation
Services Board (NLDSB) of Sri Lanka to assist with the reconstruction and
repair of damaged libraries and the restoration of the damaged books and
other library material. The main website http://www.natlib.lk is currently
offline, but you can read more information at

"All on the Same Page" is a collection of artist's books created by ABX as a
collaborative project. Each member was challenged to create an original
artist's book withing the confines of an 8.5 x 11 inch page of paper. The
variety of results is surprising and the group of eight books, featuring 7
very different structures, is presented in a paper box enclosure with a set
of basic templates for learning the structures yourself.

The set was created in an edition of 35 copies, many of which reside in
University and Library Special Collections. This auction features copy no.
22 with all books signed and numbered by the artists.

Artists whose work is featured in the set are: Sara Durkacs, Ann E. Gregory,
Ed Hutchins, Roberta Lavadour, Sibyl Rubottom, Robyn Sassen, Alice Simpson,
and Shu-Ju Wang

Artist Book Exchange was formed in 2001 as a way for artists working in
various geographical regions to share ideas, work and feedback. Artist's
books created for the semi-annual exchanges have been widely exhibited and
collected across the U.S.

You can visit the auction page at:

Thanks for supporting this cause.

Roberta Lavadour
Mission Creek Press / Pendleton, Oregon

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