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[BKARTS] Scharff-fix blade leveling idea

Like many Scharff-fix users, getting the blade level has been pretty
annoying.  And the fact that it's so exacting to do by eye means I am less
keen to shave *gradually* becuause every re-adjustment is so tiresome.  I
thought of a solution the other week, and have since tried it out.  It's
worked well enough that I thought I'd share it with the list.

Basically, I made a set of gauges, a lot like the feeler gauges I used to
use in car work.

I took pieces of 200 gsm cardstock (acid-free, but that's not important),
about 5cm by 8cm and laminated them togther with wheat paste.  I created
four, ranging from one layer thick to 4 layers thick (about .33 mm up to
1.33 mm).  I will probably use thinner paper to make intermediate ones in
the near future.  I pressed them in the nipping press overnight to compress
and harden them.

The gauges are large enough for the blade of the Scharff-fix to rest
entirely on them, and are of uniform thickness all the way across.  So I can
slip the appropriate sized one in, loosen all the adjustments so the blade
drops freely onto the card, then tighten the adjustments to hold it in that
position.  I pull the card out, and am ready to pare.

Quick, easy, cheap.  (and probably well known to everyone but me)

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